Extreme Sports..Exscream..Potato ..Tomato..Whatever Dude !!

So, What is Exscream ?…Really, Well, its just another way to say Extreme.

So,what is Extreme Sport…Its just a sport done in an extreme way…

Simples !!

Faster, Higher.lower,deeper,Crazier than normal, there you go then, Exscream is that Yelp or Scream or whimper that you expel as you leap from that perfect serviceable airplane , boat or ledge , it is that point of no return……….That my friend is Exscream.

I have been enjoying this way of life for four decades now,I’m just too old and hairy arsed to do most of what is on this website anymore, brittle bones, aching joints..Nah !! My wife won’t let me might be nearer the truth.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to travel and watch the daredevils of today do their stuff.

Now there are more death defying adventures for you to enjoy,with smaller and lighter cameras to record it all for us to witness , I use Virtual Reality head gear to experience these adventures now, I’ll talk a lot about that for all you armchair Exscreamers.

This is a fun site,its meant to be , I will post anything I find screamworthy .

We’ll go to the far ends of the world to watch or you can go and participate,

Now.thats what I call a Scre

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