Professional versions of zip-lines used as an outdoor adventure activity are usually operated at high speeds, covering long distances and sometimes at considerable heights. Cables can be very high, starting at a height of over 9 m (30 ft), and traveling well over 460 m (1,510 ft). Riders are physically attached to the cable by a harness that attaches to a removable trolley. A helmet is required on almost all courses of any size. All zip-line cables have some degree of sag, so the proper tensioning of a cable is important and allows tuning the ride of a zip-line.

For all you guys out there who prefer not to scream from 20,000 ft how about something a little closer to the ground.

Enter the world of ZIP-LINING,AERAL RUNWAY,FLYING FOXor FOEFILE-SLIDE..What ever you call it…Your  strapped in a harness pulley then gravity takes over..You will love this dude.

Seb Lamann

Well the easiest way to answer that is “Where don’t they”…..Everywhere.

From Iceland to Argentina……..Even the UK ….Yeah !!!
Adventures like this attract all age groups and It’s is a ( dare I say this ) a cheap thrill.
But seriously you can visit some stunning parts of the world and see them like no other.
There was a Hundred and four year old dude who did one last year….not sure if he made 105 candles but …it’s a thrill….Do it and tick it of that list…

Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline, US Virgin Islands

Most zip-lines are true to their name: zipping into the distance in mere minutes. The canopy zip-line tour on the Virgin Island of St. Thomas is different, however. Rather than one long zip-line, the course atop St. Peter Mountain is actually a series of wires skipping among the area’s treetops. Up to two and half hours after you first take off, you’ll still be sailing through all manner of rainforest, admiring the idyllic cerulean waters from above.

Skyline Akaka Falls, Hawaii

There may be seven choices of zip-line rigged up at Skyline Eco Adventures but there are two clear highlights. The first is the cable that transports you 75 metres above the gushing Kolekole waterfall, engulfed in lush tropical jungle. The second is the course’s final wire that leads you across a 137-metre-wide canyon where a waterfall rages right beneath your free-hanging toes.

Slotzilla Zip-Line, Las Vegas
Treetop Crazy Rider, TreeTops, Central Coast
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Slotzilla Zip-Line, Las Vegas

nspired by the city’s ubiquitous slot machine, there are two ways to shoot past the bright lights of Sin City with Slotzilla. Zip-line is the first, which begins from seven storeys up and carries thrillseekers across two city blocks in the standard seated position. Then, there’s Zoomline – from 11 storeys high (35 metres), across five blocks and journeying under the world’s biggest LED screen, you’ll glide through all the bright lights of Vegas, flying in an exhilarating “superhero” position. It’s win win.

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line, Haiti

With its clear, shimmering waters and white sand edges, Haiti’s port of Labadee isn’t the first place you’d expect daredevils to visit. Looming 150 metres above the beach however is the launch pad for the Dragon Breath Flight Line – a zip-line that carries faux flyers down a 790 metres route at over 80 kilometres per hour, landing at Dragon’s Breath Rock.

EcoZip Adventures, Auckland

There are three zip-line options at EcoZip Adventures – one that sweeps you over the picturesque syrah vineyards of Waiheke Island, another that displays Auckland and its surrounding harbour gloriously in your path and a third that really raises the heart rate (think steep, fast and long – all the requirements for a thrilling zip-line).

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Nature lovers will get an additional thrill while cruising through the treetops of Hocking Hill in Ohio. In between the zip-lines and sky bridges, the 2.4-kilometre trail through the Hocking Hills State Park is punctuated with information from helpful guides on local flora and fauna, all of which you can observe from your viewpoint up to 20 metres above the ground. 

La Tyrolienne Zip Wire, France

Only a select few – namely skiers and snowboarders – can take part in this alp-skimming zip-line. Strung from as high as 3230 metres in the air (we are in the French Alps, after all), it takes just 105 seconds to reach the end platform, a still-stunning 3000 metres above sea level. Considering your journey can reach up 100 kilometres per hour, you’ll be at the finish line in a snow-dusted jiffy.

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

If soaring 300 metres above a smooth lake and dense alpine rainforest is your idea of a good time, then this zip-line should top your list. Families will love the option of pitting up to six members against each other in the same run, while solo adventurers have plenty to make their dive worthwhile: that view over the Icy Strait alone is reason enough.

PierZip, England

As the world’s first pier-to-shore zip-line, you can be certain this 250-metre ride isn’t like other offerings. Beginning 25 metres offshore on the Bournemouth Pier, two parallel wires are set up to rocket down to the beach for a sandy dismount. Saddle up with a friend or family member and race them to the bottom.

MistRider Zipline, Canada

You’ve never seen one of the world’s wonders from this angle before. Experience the roaring rush of Niagara Fall as a bird might, by taking a precarious zip-line journey across 670 metres of this stunning gorge, reaching speeds of up to over 70 kilometres per hour. Dangling 67 metres above the mighty waters, you’ll feel as though you’re heading over the edge of the world yourself.

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours, Queensland

Experience the vast variety of ecosystems in the Daintree’s Jurassic rainforest by strapping in and letting go with a Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour. Traversing everything from treetops to creeks and forest floor, this extensive tour is a series of seven zip-lines connected by six tree-hugging bridges and walkways, covering some serious ground among the wilds of Cape Tribulation.

Jebel Jais Flight, UAE

The UAE already boasts the world’s highest urban zip-line (44 floors among the towering skyscrapers of Dubai) but can now proudly add the world’s longest zip-line to its list of adventurous accolades. In Ras Al Khaimah – one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE – you’ll find a zip-line reaching nearly three kilometres over a canyon with a falcon-shaped launch platform hanging at a seemingly precarious 1680 metres above sea level.

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